OT Complexes

  • OT-Complexes

The O.T. complex is most modern advanced designed to deal with all minor to major multi specialty surgeries. It comprises of four major Operation theaters. Which are centrally air-conditioned with laminar air flow incorporated with HEPA filters to prevent the bacterial entry and growth hence nullifies the infection rates in the O.T.

The specialized and new concept of antistatic floors and walls with conning acts as agent which prevents the bacterial and fungal growth in the O.T. hence there is total strial area and the O.T. acts as a modular O.T.

To further prevent any chances of cross infection the operation theaters  are seperated as per the departments such as –

O.T. 1 – It is meant for –

(a) Neuro surgeries

(b) Total hip and knee replacement

c) Orthopedics surgeries.

(d) Plastic and micro vascular surgeries.

(e) Maxillofacial surgeries

(f) Ophthalmic surgeries


O.T. No. 2 – It is meant for –

(a) Onco Surgeries

(b) Uro Surgeries

(c) E.N.T. surgeries.

(d) Pediatric surgeries.


O.T. No. 3 – It is meant for –

(a) General Surgeries

(b) Obstratic and gynecology surgeries

O.T. No. 4 – It is meant for –

(a) Minor procedures

(b) Endoscopies

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